The leftovers of Hurricane Agatha have kill at least two people in Cuba’s capital Havana.

Due to severe rain and flooding.

The Cuban meteorological service says that by Saturday afternoon.

It will have rained about 20 centimeters, or 8 inches, in some places.

Affected locations include Havana and other cities in Cuba’s west and center.

On Monday, Hurricane Agatha made landfall in Mexico, resulting in nine deaths.

More than 50,000 people within and around Havana are without power as a result of the exodus of around 2,000 residents from their houses.

The government-led Cuban news agency said.
Evacuation centers are forming to protect people from the rain.

At least nine people are dead from Tropical Storm Agatha.

Which struck off the west coast of Mexico last week.

It was the fiercest May hurricane ever officially recorded in the United States.

This year the first tropical storm is expected to be in the Gulf of Mexico.

Heavy rain is forecast for the state of Florida in the United States.

The frequency and strength of hurricanes in Cuba have grown as a result of climate change.

In 2019, Cuba’s Constitution states that climate change is a threat to human life and that the government will work to prevent it.

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