Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stated Tuesday that President Joe Biden has nominated Gen. Christopher Cavoli, the current commander of US Army operations in Europe and Africa, to serve as the senior US general in Europe as head today of US European Command.

Cavoli, if approved, would command around 100,000 US soldiers from all other services stationed in Europe while Russia pursues its campaign on Ukraine.
If approved, he would be in command of the US military’s daily effort to evaluate Russian military activities in Europe and manage the delivery of US and ally armaments to Ukraine. European Command has developed a comprehensive effort to manage Ukraine’s arms requests and assist in determining what the US and its allies can offer. Weapons supplies have continued to arrive along NATO’s eastern border, where Ukrainian forces pick them up and transport them inside the nation by train or vehicle.
European Command troops have also started training small groups of Ukrainian military outside of the nation in important systems like towed artillery.
Later on Tuesday, NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu announced on Twitter that Cavoli’s candidacy to be Supreme Allied Commander Europe had been accepted by the alliance’s North Atlantic Council. He will be in charge of NATO air troops that fly throughout Europe on a daily basis to follow Russian aircraft, particularly when then they also fly and without identifying themselves.
Air Force Gen. Tod Wolters, who is about to retire, would be replaced by him.

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