Many major corporations, like as Disney, JP Morgan, and Meta, the owner of Facebook, have promised their employees that they would pay the costs of their employees traveling to get abortions, a service to which millions of American women are denied.

Abortion is no longer a fundamental right in the United States after a historic Supreme Court decision that invalidated that constitutional right.

Individual states also may now prohibit the surgery after the Supreme Court’s decision.

Other companies, including Amazon, have previously made similar announcements.

A rising number of firms have now indicated that they would reimburse travel.

Expenses for workers who must leave their home state in order to have an abortion via health insurance.

After the Supreme Court’s decision, Disney reminded its workers that it was still.

More on abortion rules

“Dedicated” to providing them “complete access” to affordable healthcare, “no matter where they reside.”
After 15 weeks, abortions will be prohibited at Disney’s resort in Florida.

Where the governor has already signed into law a restriction that will take effect on July 1st.

Reuters has obtained a staff document from JP Morgan.

That says the bank would reimburse travel fees for medical procedures, including “legal abortions,” as well.

Employee health and well-being is a top priority for the bank a spokesman said on Friday.
One of the country’s most prominent financial banks, Goldman Sachs.

Has also agreed to pay for workers to fly to another state to get an abortion beginning July 1, Reuters reports.

“For workers who will need them to get out-of-state health care,” Meta said it will refund travel fees where authorized by law.

We are now evaluating how best to do so, due to the legal intricacies involved,” a spokeswoman said.

Vogue publisher also Conde Nast, Levi Strauss, and ride-hailing businesses Lyft and Uber have all said they would follow suit.

“No driver should have to question a customer where they’re going and why,” said a representative for Lyft, a ride-sharing service.
Prior to the Supreme Court verdict, many other corporations, including Amazon, Yelp.

And Citigroup, said that they would compensate workers who traveled to avoid local abortion laws.

Jeremy Stoppelman, the CEO of Yelp.

Said also that the court’s ruling “puts women’s health in peril” and that “business leaders must speak out” in response.

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