In Charleston, West Virginia, a woman shot and killed a guy who started firing on a crowd with a semi-automatic weapon.

In addition to a birthday party, a 37-year-old man with a long criminal record was shot and murdered by another man.

Officer Tony Hazelett said the woman saved lives and may have stopped a mass massacre with her rapid response.

Following a school massacre in Texas, there is a nationwide discussion over weapons.

At some point on Wednesday night, Balter was advised to slow down as the children played in the street.

Having returned, he did so loaded with an AR-15-style weapon.

From the safety of his car and he opened fire on the neighborhood’s birthday-graduation celebration.

A woman shot and killed a man who opened fire on a crowd with a semi-automatic rifle in Charleston, West Virginia.

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A 37-year-old man with a lengthy criminal record was shot and killed by another man during a birthday

Officer Tony Hazelett thinks that the woman’s quick response may have saved lives and stopped a mass shooting.

A national conversation about weapons has erupted following a school shooting in Texas.

Butler was urged to slow down at some point the meantime Wednesday evening because children were playing in the roadway.

He came back with an AR-15-style rifle and opened fire on a birthday and graduation party in the neighborhood from the safety of his car.

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