According to reports, Emmanuel Macron attempted to get Maneskin disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest last year.

Commentator Stéphane Bern stated the French president made “a big, big mess” behind the scenes. According to reports, French President Emmanuel Macron sought to get Maneskin disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest.

Last year, the glam-rock band won the annual Italian music competition with their popular song “Zitti E Buoni,” receiving 524 points.

However, their victory was soon overshadowed by accusations that David had been caught on camera snorting cocaine off a table in the green room. The musician disputed the allegations and later passed a drug test on his own accord.
Stéphane Bern, a French journalist, and presenter, stated in a new interview with the BBC that he received a call from Macron while commentating on Eurovision 2021. As the charges of drug usage against David surfaced, France’s entrant, Barbara Pravi, was in the second position.

Bern recalls, “It was a big, big mess.” “I got so many messages on my phone, including one from the French president, urging me Maneskin had to be disqualified and pleading with me to ‘do something, please.’

“While in Rotterdam for the competition, the French minister for European affairs sent me texts asking, ‘What should we do?’ What are our options? Please take action.”

“But what could I have done?” Bern said. I wasn’t the host. I’m not even the Eurovision President!

“If we [France] win, Delphine Ernotte [president of the European Broadcasting Union] declared that we want to win on merit, not because we disqualified the first-place act.” So there was no uproar or outcry over it.”

Bassist Victoria De Angelis told NME immediately after Mneskin’s stunning Eurovision triumph that the 
band “knew” the charges of cocaine usage were “bullshit.”

“We never did that and we would never do such a thing on live television with 180million people watching us,” she explained. “We’ve never used cocaine or other drugs so we immediately said, ‘Just test us because we have nothing to hide and we don’t want people to talk about stupid things like this and not our music. We were so happy with our victory, so we wanted to keep the focus on us and not this stupid shit.”

This weekend, the PalaOlimpico in Turin, Italy, will host the Eurovision 2022, and  Maneskin are set to perform the Grand Final on Saturday (May 14th).

Meanwhile, Maneskin will release a new single called “Supermodel” on Friday (May 13).

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