After weeks of warnings from the US president over Taiwan, Beijing has responded with its strongest rebuke yet.

Declaring it would “resolutely destroy any effort” at independence for Taiwan.

“The United States has violated its pledge on Taiwan and interfered in China’s affairs,” China’s Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe said Sunday.

“Let me be clear: if somebody attempts to separate Taiwan from China will fight back.
We will fight till the very end, no matter what the cost.
For China, there is no other option “speaking in Singapore as part of the Shangri-la Dialogue, an Asia-Pacific security meeting.

This comes on the heels of US Vice President Joe Biden telling China that flying its aircraft near to Taiwan was “flirting with danger”.

In the event of an assault, he swore to defend the island militarily.

Despite its claim to independence, Taiwan has long been a part of China’s territorial ambitions.

However, the United States, Taiwan’s most important ally, is bound by law to assist the island nation in self-defense.

A rise in rhetoric comes at a time when China is increasing the number of airplanes it sends into Taiwan’s air defense zone.

The US has deployed naval ships into Taiwan’s seas.

China recently flew its biggest sortie of the year last month.
One significant concern is that war will be ignited if China invades Taiwan.

Beijing has previously said that if necessary, it will use force to recapture the island from the United States.

Though many experts believe this is unlikely in the near term.

Whether China has the potential to successfully invade Taiwan has been a subject of discussion.

And Taiwan has been building up its air and sea defenses.

Something more

However, many believe that Beijing is aware that such a move would be very expensive and devastating for the whole globe, not just China.

“In spite of all the hyperbole, the Chinese must keep a close eye on the distance if they plan on launching an invasion of Taiwan.
Compared to Russia’s economy, China’s is significantly more intertwined with the world economy.

“A senior scholar at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, William Choong tells the New York Times.
As Gen Wei repeated on Sunday, China’s position has been that it favors “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan.

That it would only intervene if confronted with an aggravating circumstance.

Taiwan’s official declaration of independence might be one of the triggers.

In spite of this, the country’s President Tsai Ing-wen has made it clear that they are already an independent nation.

The majority of Taiwanese are in favor of “maintaining the status quo,” while a rising minority are calling for Taiwan’s independence.

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