Police in Tangshan, China, said they have detained nine individuals in connection with a video that went viral showing a vicious assault on a woman.

It has sparked outrage on social media and brought up the issue of violence against women in China again.

There was initial pushback from the lady, who was upset because someone had placed their hand on her back in the restaurant.

Other people bring her outside and continue to beat and rape her as she lays unconscious on the ground.

The bunch of guys also attacks her dining friends.

According to authorities, two of the ladies were taken to the hospital and are in stable condition and not in grave danger.

While also two others were injured but not life-threatening.

On suspicion of physical assault and “provoking unrest,” Tangshan police in northern Hebei province announced they had detained nine people.

In Weibo’s top six most-discussed subjects on Saturday, the assault was the most talked about event.

The accused were called out on state television and urged to face the consequences.

This could happen to me or anybody, remarked one commenter in a popular article.

Another person also said, “How is this still occurring in 2022?”

Don’t let any of them get away.

On WeChat, a widely shared message criticized the first thing the government said about what happened, which was that it was just an act of violence.

“This happened in a culture where violence against women is common,” the anonymous author said.

“To dismiss the violence that individuals-as women–endure is to disregard and conceal the viewpoint of gender.”

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