This week, unprecedented and abrupt flooding struck the country’s oldest national park.

Wreaking havoc on the park’s roads and infrastructure, as well as the neighboring villages.

On Monday, up to 10,000 visitors were forced to depart Yellowstone National Park.

Dealing a severe blow to the 150-year-old park at the height of its tourism season.

The first-time park, which includes portions of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, has been shut down in 34 years.

The fast-moving river is likely to flood the lower areas, including Montana’s biggest city, Billings, and eastern Montana.
Roads and bridges are gone, and power is out.

And mud and rock slides have occurred as a result of the floods.

At least one home is carried away in the river.

The National Weather Service reported that the Yellowstone, Stillwater.

And Clarks Fork rivers had reached record levels as a result of significant weekend rainfall and snowmelt.

Located in both Wyoming and Montana, the Yellowstone River is a major waterway in both states.

Ten individuals were rescued by boat and air, according to county officials.

Attracting more than four million visitors annually is a boost to the local economy.

Which relies heavily on the revenue generated by visitors to the park.

This year’s tourist season generally begins in June and lasts through autumn.

But park authorities say that at least the northern part will be closed for the whole season.

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